Building Resilient Kids

and Strong Families

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Do you suspect that your child struggling with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem and you are not sure how to help?

Perhaps their behavior has suddenly changed and you are feeling increasingly concerned?

Are you finding it hard to maintain your normal, positive, family dynamic when your child feels more and more distant?

Most parents have strong relationships with their children but in the face of unexpected, worrying changes, those bonds can feel like they are not enough to help their child safely navigate their situation.

Our therapists focus on building resilient children, parent-child relationships and family units so that…

1. Your child is able to handle difficult feelings and challenges with confidence.

2. You have tools to understand your child, communicate and help them through their journey.

3. Your family is a secure unit that can bounce back from tough times.

Our Approach

We use acorns as a metaphor for children and all people, seeing the infinite potential and strength within each person and drawing on that power to make meaningful and lasting change


In office, in home, and e-counselling therapy available for individuals, families and groups. Click below to find out more about who we support, and about how we can help your kids and your family


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