About Us

We are committed to helping children, youth and families reach their full potential

Strengthening the roots of well-being

Counselling and psychotherapy services in Hamilton, Ontario. Evidence-based, holistic, and integrated mental health treatment is available for individuals of all ages, with a specific focus on children, teens, and parents or caregivers.

Our Values

We strongly adhere to our core values, and have these values guide our work with the individuals and families we serve, and with our community at large. 

Our Approach

Our services are rooted in our values, and we approach each person with caring compassion, empathy, respect and see their innate potential.

Who we Help

We have experience addressing a variety of concerns that children, families, or individuals may have, including anxiety and depression.

Meet our Therapists

Our staff are clinical social workers with a background in child and youth care, development, and experience working with kids and teens

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