Child Counselling

Children experience big feelings with limited skills and language to manage on their own. This could result in behaviour challenges, learning difficulties, anxiety, and depression. Counselling focuses on working with children individually and with parents. This approach supports your child with mental illness, trauma experiences, or difficult family situations.

Teen Counselling

Adolescence can be a turbulent time. There is a need for autonomy, as well as a need for belonging. Sometimes it may not appear that way, but parents are still the biggest influencers in a youth’s life. We are dedicated to helping teens learn skills that may help them regulate emotions and improve relationships with family, friends, and with themselves.

Child/Parent Counselling

We empower you to build a strong connection with your child by guiding you through the challenges of parenthood. Our tailored counselling sessions focus on strategies to overcome hurdles, fostering resilience, and create a thriving environment for both you and your child. We view parenting as a continuous journey of learning and adaptation and inspire you toward effective and compassionate parenting.

Family Counselling

Families are the centre of growth and development for children and youth, and at the same time kids present opportunities (read: challenges) for parents to also grow. Family counselling can help multiple family members examine their roles and work on building communication and strong, healthy relationships.

Parent Counselling

We are equally dedicated to helping you build your capacity for motivating and supporting your young person in a way that is helpful and effective. You know your kid best. You also come into parenting with your own history and conditioning which may get in the way of becoming the parent you want to be.

Couples Counselling

Our couples counselling is all about helping you build a strong, loving connection with your partner. We provide personalized support to help you navigate the ups and downs of partnership, enhance communication and build a foundation for a fulfilling connection. Think of us as your guides on the journey of love and partnership – we’re here to help you create a relationship that reflects your shared goals and aspirations.

Individual Adult Counselling

Every individual is connected to a family. You may also struggle with individual emotional concerns or mental health difficulties. At Acorn Counselling, we have many years of experience supporting individuals of all ages with specific mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief and loss, and substance misuse. We specialize in developmental trauma, as well as work-related stress and trauma for first responders.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is powerful, and we have many offerings throughout the year, including groups for kids, teens, and parents. Currently we have interest lists for the following groups:

Taming Worry Dragons

Know Your Worth! Teen Group

Parent Groups & Workshops


In Office & E-Counselling

Fees range from $125 – $180 per clinical hour. A clinical hour consists of a 50-minute face to face session (or online session), and 10 minutes for administration (fee collection, notes etc).

90-minute sessions (consisting of 75 minute face-to-face and 15-minute administration) begin at $180.

Low-Cost counselling options available through our Clinical Internship Program.

In Home

In-home sessions begin at $160 per clinical hour.

90-minute sessions begin at $200.

Additional Information

Psychotherapy or clinical counselling provided by a “Registered Social Worker” (RSW) are covered by certain extended health benefits or third-party insurance providers.

Clinical, psychotherapeutic services provided by registered social workers are tax exempt.

Payment is due at the end of each session, via cash, e-transfer, or credit card.