In Office

71 Rymal rd. W, Suite #203, Hamilton ON

The office is located in a large grey house-like building beside the Volvo dealership and across from the Flying Squirrel plaza. Please be aware that there is a median on Rymal rd. and access to the driveway is only from the eastbound side. 

There are four parking spaces in the front of the building, and you are welcome to park there, and access through the front doors. I will meet you in the waiting area with the red couches. 

This building is actually a shared office space. There are other professionals operating out of this space, including another psychotherapist, a massage therapist, and a photography business. 

I meet clients in the waiting area, and my office is located up a flight of stairs on the second floor. Here are some pictures of the space we work out of:

In Home

Under some circumstances, in-home appointments may be available for families living in the Hamilton area.

“Walk and Talk” therapy is also available for clients who may have difficulty with traditional face-to-face counselling sessions. Please inquire for further details if this is of interest to you. 


Online therapy, or e-counselling, is available via a secure platform, honouring privacy and confidentiality. A separate consent form is information sheet is required, please inquire for more details. 

A flexible schedule is available for online appointments. 

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen" - Brene Brown

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Free 20 minutes phone consultation available to determine if we are the right fit for you. 

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