Managing Anger

& other Intense Emotions

FREE Workshop for kids 8-11 who are struggling with anger and intense feelings, and their parents who are wanting to help

child outbursts tantrums

This online workshop is for kids 8-11 who are…

  • Having big feelings that change quickly
  • Irritable and quick to react
  • Having trouble calming down from intense emotions

There will be a group for kids on August 24th @ 4pm. There will also be a video session for parents to watch on their own time and learn about the skills that will be taught in group. 

The goal of this workshop is to help kids 8-11 who are struggling with intense emotions like anger to...

  • Learn appropriate coping skills
  • Identify and express feelings effectively
  • Connect with peers in a safe virtual space
  • Transfer skills home to practice with family through worksheets
  • Improve relationships with family and friends
Chrissy is an experienced Child & Youth Counsellor who helps kids and teens develop effective coping skills

My name is Chrissy . I’m a Child & Youth Worker and I help kids and teens learn effective coping skills so that they can manage their emotions, feel good about themselves, and connect with their friends and family in meaningful ways. 

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