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Anna help kids, teens, and families learn to be more confident, grow health connections, and feel happier and in charge of their mental health. I am the proud owner of Acorn Counselling. (Not accepting new clients at this time)

Jaclyn helps teens manage their emotional ups and downs, understand their experiences, and reconnect with their loved ones. She makes strong connections with her clients and helps them overcome their challenges. 

Shaye understands life can be stressful, and sometimes even painful. She helps kids, teens, and adults manage their emotions and navigate through life’s challenges so that they can feel more confident and able to cope.

Alicia House, MMT, RP (Q) Child & Family Therapist

Alicia specializes in working creatively with children, youth, and families experiencing a range of challenges and difficult life circumstances. She is passionate about seeing individuals and families move to a place of self-discovery and empowerment.

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