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Our team of dedicated child and youth mental health professionals consists of Social Workers, Psychotherapists, and Child and Youth Care Practitioners. We work collaboratively with your family’s system to build resilience and overcome mental health challenges. We are so pleased to meet you!

Anna help kids, teens, and families learn to be more confident, grow health connections, and feel happier and in charge of their mental health. I am the proud owner of Acorn Counselling. (Not accepting new clients at this time)

Shaye is a child and youth mental health specialist, child and family therapist, registered social worker.

Shaye understands life can be stressful, and sometimes even painful. She helps kids, teens, and adults manage their emotions and navigate through life’s challenges so that they can feel more confident and able to cope. (Not accepting new clients at this time)

Child & Family Therapist

Alicia specializes in working creatively with children, youth, and families experiencing a range of challenges and difficult life circumstances. She is passionate about seeing individuals and families move to a place of self-discovery and empowerment.

Jaclyn helps teens manage their emotional ups and downs, understand their experiences, and reconnect with their loved ones. Jaclyn has a special interest and training in working with youth with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Tourette Syndrome. 

Lauren helps parents to better understand the work that is being done with their child or teen in individual therapy, and helps them to extend the treatment plans into the home so that everyone is on the same page, and parents feel empowered and connected. 

Chantal helps children and their families find joy, confidence, and connection. She has training in CBT and uses play, creativity, and fun activities to engage kids and make meaningful positive change.

Ravina enjoys working with kids and teens who are struggling with self-esteem, school issues, anxiety, or trauma symptoms. She uses play therapy techniques and narrative approaches, and involves parents as much as possible. 

Korrenne Jensen, MACP, RP (Q)

Child & Family Therapist

Korrenne sees therapy as an opportunity for growth and believes that everyone has inner wisdom. She uses mindfulness, and helps children and youth  develop skills to navigate challenges in life. 

Arohi is passionate about helping children and families develop the skills and resources needed to thrive in their occupations. She has a special interest in sensory processing and self-regulation.

Family Counselling Individual and Family Therapist

Individual & Family Therapist

Chris is a caring, compassionate, and thoughtful psychotherapists who has experience working with teens and international students, and is passionate about involving parents and working from an emotionally focused family therapy perspective.

Child and Family Counselling

Child & Family Therapist

Marsha understands that there are times in our lives when we encounter challenges and changes that require extra support. She believes in creating  a safe space for children, adolescents, and parents to explore meaningful solutions to address their needs and goals.

Erica Genova, BSW RSW

MSW Candidate, Clinical Intern

Erica is a MSW intern completing her final practicum at Acorn Counselling. She works with teens and adults to explore their challenges and develop skills. Erica works under the direct supervision of Anna Raworth, MSW RSW, and is facilitating groups.

Parent Support Counsellor

Tamara is a Child Life Specialist who has spent years supporting parents of children with mental health challenges. She helps parents understand their impact and influence, and empowers them to help their children succeed and thrive. 

Child & Youth Counsellor

Ben is a passionate and energetic counsellor who helps kids and teens to develop coping skills and apply to them in their day-to-day life. He is also one of our group facilitators. 

Carolyn Noorduyn

Practice Assistant

Carolyn works behind the scenes at Acorn Counselling. She provides administrative support to the practice and helps manage day to day operations. She is often the first point of contact for many and works to ensure all questions or inquiries are handled with confidentiality, sensitivity, and respect.

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